Our characters, Filtz and Carlyle, are the in-character voices of this game blog. Based on the game Diablo IV, this blog has a very particular focus. The name Blood Petals is a reference to an early introduction to the main setup in the game (Act I).

A bit about us (Filtz and Carlyle): We are a real-life father and son team. My son and I thought it would be fun to play Diablo IV and write up our adventures and tips and tricks along the way.

Our play style is to play what is fun, and not what is mastery. We’re not trying to power the game, or build the BEST build. Instead we look to have a fun and enjoyable time. We shout our praises of the game as one of us gets a new piece of armor, or special ability. In short, we’re having a blast playing the game and wanted a place to share our experiences.