How to join and invite to a party in Diablo IV

In Diablo IV you may want to play multiplayer with your friends this tutorial will help you learn how to! You can do a lot of quests together, and just fight enemies in the game with parties. It doesn’t even have to be your friends you go in a party with, since they just need to be on the same server as you. Now let’s get into the tutorial!

We noticed that we had to allow Cross Network Play, even though we were both on the same platform (PC). Until we made that change, the Invite to Party was greyed out. Here’s the steps you’ll need to make:

First, you will need to go to the main menu which appears when you enter the game, next press the escape button on your keyboard, and go to social. Your friend will also need these settings to play with them. Next you turn on the crossplay settings shown here:

When you turn the settings on it will have a white square inside of the gray square.

When you do it it will look like the picture above. Now let’s get onto the next step!

When you are done turning the settings on, you will login. After you are in game, on PC press the “O” key on your keyboard which will bring you to the social menu. You can also press “tab” and click on the social menu at the top of your screen. To invite your friend you will have to be friends with them on Battle.Net, or the platform you are on. You can invite people that you don’t know – who show up as people logged into your area on your server. We’ll focus on someone you know.

In the Social Menu, click on a friend’s character/profile and then “invite to party,” or “request to join party,” it will look like this:

Once they accept they will be in your part. I hope this tutorial has worked for those reading this tutorial.

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