The Wraith Emerges

Beneath the moon’s pale icy glow, A lone hero trudges through the snow, Their breath, a mist, in frigid air, A daunting wraith awaits them there.

In the hushed stillness of the night, They hear its whispers, haunting, slight, A specter draped in ethereal white, Unearthly presence, devoid of light.

The wraith emerges, a ghostly form, Eyes gleaming with a chill and storm, Its touch a frost, its wrath immense, A frozen spirit, devoid of sense.

But the hero’s spirit, fierce and bold, Defies the bitter cold’s icy hold, They raise their weapon, heart ablaze, To banish the wraith with righteous ways.

With every strike, their valor rings, Their blade, a flash, as hope takes wings, They battle on, unyielding, free, Against the wraith’s icy decree.

In nimble steps through icy fields, They dodge its curses, its chilling yields, Their will unbroken, their resolve strong, To right the wraith’s eternal wrong.

With each clash, the snowflakes swirl, The hero fights with a warrior’s twirl, And as the battle reaches its height, They vanquish the wraith, banish its blight.

Silence descends upon the snowy night, As the hero stands, triumphant, in the light, The wraith defeated, its presence no more, Their victory echoes from shore to shore.

Through snow-kissed land, the hero roams, In tales retold, their glory blooms, For in the lore of Diablo, their tale’s embraced, A warrior’s valor, forever traced.

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